Hacking parenting is designed to help you build a better relationship between you and your kids. You may be looking for a bit of support, a few strategies, and a handful of new ideas on how to be a better parent. You’ve got a unique child, a unique life, and a limited amount of time to engage in a long-winded book. You are not looking for the clinical psychology behind the young developing mind. Instead, you want a book that is clear and precise. Something that contains helpful facts, and offers tips on how to fix the issues with YOUR kids right now.


Hacking Parenting is designed to benefit you right now. Allow it to support you, as you deal with the critical problems that need an immediate, and urgent parenting-update right now. It will outline many steps you can do immediately. It gives suggestions you can implement an hour from now, and offers exercises that you can do with your kids tonight, after dinner, or first thing in the morning. It will focus on solutions, positive ideas, and theories that will move you directly towards the parent you choose to be.

Hacking Parenting

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