What "the great" ones do for success.

Seize your morning. I’ve been waking up at 4:30 am to command my day. It’s a fabulous practice in the Live Exceptional model that gives you that extra time in the morning just for you. It allows you to be still with yourself: meditate, read, journal, exercise and do something wonderful that makes you happy.

4:30 May seem early but it sets the tone for my day and energetically tells the Universe I’m ready- I’m committed to my dream.

Decide right now your dream matters and get up early to prove to yourself you are willing to do what it takes to get to your goal. Show yourself and everyone around you that your vision matters, and you will do whatever it takes to get there.

Tell yourself what time you are going to wake up and condition your body clock to wake you up then. If you tell your body what time you want to wake up, it will just do it. You will awake before your alarm goes off. It will do what you tell it; I assure you! If you have something you enjoy to get up to, your body will be eager to arise.

Use that semi- awake state to access your subconscious and ask yourself some important questions: What will make me happy today? What do I need to accomplish today? What is the solution to this issue I am having? How can I get one step closer to my dream?

Your subconscious mind with give you the divine answers to these valuable questions, void of the filter our conscious minds impose. This is a magical time to access that higher thinking that is true, clear and connected to the Universal knowing that is within you.

Give yourself the gift of this magical time each morning, (or as many mornings as possible). Start your day on your terms- not begrudgenly waking at the very last minute, after pushing snooze a dozen times, and then being behind all day. Once you commit to your morning routine your body will want to get up. Getting up will be easy and almost effortless because you have a purpose and one you enjoy. Don’t wake up to squeeze and extra hour of work, wake up to bask in time with yourself, doing what you love, what makes you happy and what feels good. This isn’t meant to be a chore or punishment. Your body will respond favourable when you wake up to what you enjoy; so do what feels amazing for you!

You can start tomorrow off by waking up earlier than normal and having that time to putter around being YOU. Try something different each morning to find what you like. Experiment with what will get you jazzed each day to wake up early.

Be sure NOT TO LOOK AT YOUR PHONE OR EMAILS!!! This important time in the morning is for you, not to be distracted by electronics. Your mind is so open to receive at this time, so full it with goodness. I.E. a great book, personal introspection, meditation, Chi Gong, tapping, or even something as powerful as a self-induced organism ... something that will fill you and improve your state, not diminish it.

Many of the great leaders and successful entrepreneurs practice this and use this time in the morning to enhance their gifts. You too are one of the greats. You just need to put into your life the practices that will help you develop the greatness that is in you.

All success comes from discipline and consistent action. Take consistent action each morning by getting up early and doing something great just for you.

Blessings and Live Exceptional- everything is possible.

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