The New Male Archetype

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

At LX Evolved we want to break all stereotypes and redefine the modern, loving, male. We want to give men the freedom to become a new, male archetype, a current idea of masculine, a refined version of themselves.

1.Real Men Are Decision Makers

A real, masculine man should take charge immediately and come up with a decision – either positive or negative.

2. A Real Man Must Be Self-Reliant

It’s not wrong to have someone give you a helping hand if you really need it – but it’s wrong to keep asking for others to give you their hands without putting any effort to lift yourself up on.

3. A Real, Masculine Man Must Be Unswayable

Real men have a vision for their lives. They stand behind that vision and never let anyone destroy it by filling their minds with doubt and insecurity.

4. A Real Man Must Be Intrinsically Motivated

Real men don’t need external motivation to help them pursue their goals. They don’t need others to lift them up emotionally because real men are intrinsically motivated to succeed and kick ass. It comes from within.

5. A Real Man Must Be Non-Conformist

Real men are non-conformists and think out of the box. They don’t need to follow the social etiquette to feel approved. Real men make their own road and don’t follow the herd.

6. A Real, Masculine Man Must Be At Peak Physical Wellness

He must have the physical strength to support himself and protect his loved ones if needed. Being a real man is hugely dependent on taking care of your body and staying at peak physical wellness.

7. Real Men Are Thirsty For Knowledge

A real man must be at the constant pursuit of knowledge – seeking to expand his thinking horizons and learn new things every single day.

8. Real Men Listen Before They Speak

Real men don’t speak if they don’t have something valuable to say.

9. A Real Man Never Tries To Impress Those Who Are Not Worth It

A real man doesn’t need to show off his wealth or material possessions to impress others. Instead, he makes a lasting positive impression by accepts full responsibility of what’s happening in his life. And he does his best to change whatever he doesn’t like.

10. A Real Man Knows What “Responsibility” Means

Then he works hard until he shapes his life exactly as he wants it to be.

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