Sexting and Texting

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Having romance and sex on your phone.

She said…

I remember years ago when texting started, and one of the moms in my son’s kindergarten class was forever doing it while waiting to pick up her kid. I remember thinking how stupid it was, when I watched her fastidiously tapping away at her phone. She was so enthralled in her screen, awaiting the response, oblivious to everything around her. It seemed silly and odd. I judged her quickly, and thought to myself, I’d never be so wrapped up in texting back and forth with someone when I can just talk to them on the phone.

Fast forward to today; how did I think it was stupid, when I now text like the best of them. I use it for everything from reminding my mom to pick up my daughter from dance, to alluring my lover to stop working and come to bed. Texting is a way of life. I can reach out to my son while he is at school, say happy birthday to a friend on the other side of the world, and share a grocery list with my husband when he’s driving home. We all love it and use it continuously in every area of our lives.

If it is so reliable for meet ups and reminders then why shouldn’t we use it for flirting and fun? Why not push “send” on a bit of intrigue, allure and suggestion? We use it for everything else. Who doesn’t love a text suggesting something romantic or referencing what might happen later that night? Many times, I have found myself giggling like a sorority girl from a suggesting text. It can build anticipation, offer love and connection, or show intent that may be hiding behind shyness.

Texting for a little fun gets my vote, and for those who take it further and go full-out; I say why not? If you are in a committed relationship, with a loving partner and your texts are filled with suggestions and sentiment, I say do it. If you are sexting with multiple people, all at the same time, and you are constantly missing that one-on-one connection, then I say throw out your phone and go back to meeting in person. Sexting should lead to something. It should be the precursor to the engagement, not the only thing that you do. All relationships need connection to flourish. If your phone is doing that, then that’s great. if not, I suggest to go hands-free and try hands-on!




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