Empowercast with JB Owen and Rosalyn Palmer.

It was hot day in Mikonos, Greece the day I meet Rosalyn Palmer. Her and I were attending a conference on personal growth and self development. Part of the program paired up unique individuals with one another, trusting that the Universal cosmos was a work in connecting them. It was the first time Rosalyn attended this conference. I was on my fourth, so I was well on my way, deep into personal growth and meeting dynamic people. Although Rosalyn and I connected that year, it wasn’t until this year that our relationship really found its stride.

Rosalyn has dazzled me with her journey, not just since we met, but her ENTIRE journey. The one that took her through the depths of despair, divorce, financial loss and a scary diagnosis of cancer. Through it all Rosalyn has prevailed. Stepping up and stepping into her truest expression of both self- care and self-expression. Her story is both riveting and captivating. She shares more of it in her new award winning book, Reset, A blueprint for life.

Here’s what others are saying about it… not just me.

“Recommended to me by a friend, this brilliantly written book reveals an inspirational philosophy that will truly change your life. It’s the ultimate in helping people to self discovery as Rosalyn Palmer deliberately lays herself wide open to reveal personal and professional episodes that have occurred during her life and ways in which she deals with certain events through revolutionary thinking processes and strategies. She encourages everyone to contemplate and develop a new mind set. An outstanding read.”

“This self-help book is one of the best I’ve read, and trust me, I’ve read my fair share of such books over the past 26 years. Rosalyn puts so much of herself into this book; it's a book of such honesty about a life well and truly lived, loved and lost. If anyone has a right to write such a book, it is Rosalyn Palmer. When you've been at the bottom of the darkest, deepest pit and you've managed, by hook or by crook, to come out of it, I feel it's incumbent upon a person to share that with others to help prevent them ending up in the same pit, or at least if they're already in it, give them some hope that they won't be in it forever, and the 'tools' to ensure that they never fall in again! Such an inspiration.”

Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life:

The book guides readers through a journey of self-discovery. This is not a book about clichéd ‘positive thinking’ exercises. Palmer is candidly open about her own story that includes outward success (from Ab Fab Lynne Franks PR to ‘making it’ and selling her own PR Agency and moving to the Bahamas), her early years as a grocer’s daughter and comprehensive school kid to a time when her life imploded with cancer, divorce, bereavement, redundancy, financial loss and more.

Coming through it, and now as a therapist, Palmer offers the reader accessible solutions to everyday challenges. A simple yet powerful framework to create a balanced life and numerous, effective, exercises, reinforce the powerful messages of the book; that you can reset your life and reprogramme yourself for more joy and living at a higher level. The book offers advice on overcoming rejection; being mindful; shedding outdated beliefs; taming your inner critic; negotiating with your subconscious mind; and on how to create a ‘Compassion Compass‘ for your life. The 6Fs exercise offers a blueprint for a balanced life comprising: friends/family/faith/fitness/finance and fun.

Rosalyn is one inspiring individual, and she shares both her passion and perseverance in our 30 minute Empowercast. She offers some practical tips you can do right now to grow your outlook and define your story; making any hardship, the health-ship to a better life. Rosalyn Palmer is a leading specialist in hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching. Palmer has written in a communications context for years (often ghosting articles for thought leaders) and now she speaks with her own voice and is vulnerable enough to share her truth. Formerly a PR agency boss, Head of Marketing for an International Charity, cancer and multiple life navigator, she has life experience you couldn't make up; meaning that this, her first book, is both life-affirming and life-changing.

About the Janey Loves Platinum Awards:

The Janey Loves Platinum Awards, in association with UK Health Radio, champion the best in natural products and services including ‘the people who are going all out to inspire us to better health and wellbeing through the books they are writing’. The Award winners are selected by a panel of judges including experts, celebrities and key influencers who in 2018 comprise: nutrition author Glynis Barber; Organic living guru Jo Wood; radio personality Zoe Ball; TV presenter Carrie Grand; best-selling author and researcher Lynne McTaggard; ‘The Medicinal Chef’ Dale Pinnock; the UK’s leading women’s nutritional health expert Dr. Marilyn Glenville and TV & radio presenter and author Janey Lee Grace.








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