Empowercast with JB Owen and Judy Winslow.

I met Judy Winslow on a bus in Costa Rica. We were riding beside one another. We had never met, but the excitement of where we were going had us chatting up a storm. We had a lot in common. We saw the world in similar ways, and we both loved to travel, and dive into adventure.

Our bus ride was over two hours. The twisty roads of Costa Rica were wreaking havoc on my belly, and I started to feel car/bus sick, half way through our conversation. I had been traveling for over 24 hours, and although Judy was keeping me entertained, I started to feel green around my gills. She noticed my discomfort, and within seconds had her bag open, and was serving me some food. I was a perfect stranger. Someone she barely knew, yet she was offering me some nourishment to help ease the acid that was rising.

I knew right then and there I liked her. Not just because she traveled with a Tupperware full of boiled eggs, carrots and cheese, but because she gave without asking for anything in return. That is the kind of gal Judy is. Be it her food, her time or her opinion, she isn’t afraid to share. Since then I have spend countless other times with her. Always in great places, with a bit of challenges that others would allow to get them down. Judy always finds a way, offers support, and has a perspective few can see. It doesn’t matter what we talk about or how long we have been apart, Judy is wise, interesting, sometimes controversial, but completely endearing.

Our Empowercast together, touched on a lot of things she does to improve her life and go after her dreams. Her style is no-nonsense but also chilled and relaxed. She isn’t driven in the ways others are; roar past you, never looking back. She is focused in a way that she gets things done. She is more exact in her manner, more clear in her vision. Judy shares just how to go after that.

Her many years of working with TEDx has taught her a few things, which she shares openly and with zest. She inspires without having to be loud. She gets you thinking without having to knock you over the head. This is a rare look into the beauty and bronze of an incredible woman, heartfelt and honest. Judy shares some of her deepest moments of failure, on her rise to living the Exceptional Life that she does.

My belief is that Being Unforgettable is simply who we each are, and that is what we bring to our business as well. – Judy Winslow

Judy’s Bio:

Judy Winslow is the “Business Owner’s Master Brandologist”, the expert that shows you how to build a business with soul. She is a graduate of the University of Denver, with an MFA in Communication Arts (aka: graphic design) as well as a Coach U. graduate, with numerous Addy awards (the industry standard) for corporate identity work (which means logos and their packages), she’s published on and off-line with articles, blog and book, was recognized in a Top 100 Coaching Blog listing along with Tony Robbins, Martha Beck and Andrea J. Lee, and engaged in continuous learning to grow my skills. She’s committed to getting the message out of the benefits of innovative thinking, being yourself (when you recall who that is!) to align authenticity with core values to begin sculpting a strategy for success in any endeavor. She has joyfully spoken to audiences at The Atlanta Creativity Exchange Conference, Interior Refiners Network National Conference, ASTD of Sarasota, The Florida Creativity Conference Weekend, The Journey Conference, and a multitude of radio shows just to name a few.


This book should be on the desk of every business owner regardless of where you are in your branding and marketing expertise. (It’s a great gift too!) You’ll look over the shoulders of the experts who give sage, usable, real world advice from an internal, up-close-and-personal perspective. You’ll get valuable insight into establishing your message in the marketplace in ways that you never thought of before. Apply the lessons, and you will build your business in an authentic, inspired way.









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