Dream Big... the Universe will give it to you.

Last February I woke up and had a vision for my wedding. At 48, I decided I get to have exactly the wedding I WANT! Yes, I've been down the aisle before and did what in-laws wanted, what was affordable and sensible at the time. This wedding, I decided was going to be everything I dreamed of. A wedding to be remembered in my heart and soul. I wanted an old church, a picturesque setting, in a faraway place... a fairytale in truth. I wanted all pink; my favorite color. A horse-drawn carriage, a romantic feeling, and to be surrounded in love.

As we planned it out, we got sidetracked; caught up in other people's wishes, practicality and what we thought was "good- enough". We started to spin in indecision, get stressed about the costs, and began to compromise. There was a moment it felt like it was all going side-ways and nothing was working out.

Finally, my groom asked me, "What do YOU want?". I went back to my vision. An old church, arrive in a carriage, everyone in pink and all my friends there. Without compromise, we committed to that vision, and within days it had all unfolded. An 800-year old church, in the most picturesque square in Europe. A carriage, violins, pink flowers, pink bridesmaids, pink everything in fact...very romantic.

It was the most amazing day of my life, with over 800 people there to witness me and my children, marry Peter and his kids. It was spectacular, magical, loving, life-changing and at the same time intimate, perfect and divine. It was everything I dreamed of because I saw it so clearly in my mind BEFORE it happened. I knew what I wanted, and I got to that place where I wasn't willing to compromise about anything. As soon as I made that decision, the Universe gave it all to me. Within days! it happened easily and effortlessly. People arrived from all over to help, support and make everything I wanted unfold.

I can't describe the feeling, the energy that was behind it. It was like a path was made and everything fell into place, to arrive at that moment. When I stepped out of the carriage, on the arm of my son, to walk directly towards the most incredible man on the planet... my heart was pulling me to him, my feet weren't even on the ground, my entire body was electric with the love of everyone around me. IT WAS EXACTLY like I had envisioned, AND MORE!!

Looking back, I am marveled by it all. From a dream that many told me was crazy, to a moment that touched the hearts of so many. Cataclysmic things happened that day for not just me, but every person who showed up in that square. From my bridal party to the guests, to the kids, the tourists, and even to the waiters serving at the restaurants on the promenade... everyone was a part of that moment and they were impacted by it.

We sometimes feel our dreams are silly, or too outlandish. We pull back from going after what we want because it isn't what other people do. We are afraid to be too much. We are fearful to ask for it all. From a woman who married her sweetheart in Estonia, 8000 miles from her home. A girl who was mocked for walking down the aisle.. again. Past the criticisms of wearing pink and being too ostentatious...I say to you... LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Live your exceptional dream of magnificence and delight. Let no one orchestrate anything for you. Be You. Be true to you. Be the superstar, the visionary, and the dreamer of what you want. Reach for new heights and trust it WILL come to you when you commit to it. When you get 100% clear and declare it. Many of you heard me talking about this idea months before it happened. Many of you know I envisioned it exactly this way. Today I share the pictures that captured my dream and proves that anything IS possible.. you just have to decide. Let nothing stop you. Your dream is yours to enjoy.There is no such thing as too big, too grand or too outside your grasp. You get to have exactly what you envision so make it spectacular and all yours.

I sent out love and gratitude to the hundreds of people who blessed us with their love that day. Never has a girl felt more loved at her wedding that I did. Thank you to the many, many people who stood with me and made my dream come true. I love you deeply. We made magic that day.

Thank you with all my heart Kersti Niglas for being the angel you are behind the lens and bringing tears of joy to our eyes for these photos. xoxo. Take a Look at the wedding pictures.












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