Bonding with fun- stepping out as a blended family.

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Wanna connect with your kids? Try doing those weird, out of the box things that help put you all on the same level.

Afest takes you out of your comfort zone and helps you expand the boundaries of who are. Costume parties are just one of the ways they do this as you let loose, be free and bond in a new and different way.

Our new blended family really made it’s mark this year at Afest. With the theme of “elements” we became the first family of FIRE at Afest 2018.

“You have to shift the mind-set from "them" to "us". Being a blended family seems to be riddled with two teams. Focus needs to be on bringing everyone together ”






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It wasn't love at first sight, boy chases the girl, or friends setting them up. There was no online dating, no electronics involved, no algorithms to say they were was old fashion boy meets girl, and each allowed love to take it's time, to find it's way. 



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