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Banter Blogging

She said…

Mindvalley U, Big Magic, Tony Robbins, and Boynton Canyon in Arizona, have all been instigators to me, for amazing new ideas, and profound, inspiring epiphanies. They each have stirred up a new thinking that has resulted in a drive to create something epic.

My recent one-month stay in Estonia, to attend a deep immersion into self-exploration, helped bring to life an idea that had been percolating in my mind. I call it Banter Blogging. If you have an opinion these days, you most likely have a blog. If you are good at something, intrigued by something and have the inclination to write about it, blogging is your tool. I love to blog, and I feel excited every time I push “post”, knowing my words are out into the world and possibly making a difference.

Where blogging falls short for me is in the lack of interaction. I don’t get to hear what my audience is feeling, nor do I get to debate my point of view, which is truly the fun in having a zealous opinion. Wouldn’t it be great to read a blog, all jacked-up with opinions, only to have another opinion to counter it, redefine it, enhance it or even negate it? How cool would it be to read a topic in a blog and get two opinions instead of one? Or, hear two diverse points of view on the very same subject? How fun would it be to enjoy two thoughts at each end of the spectrum, or get two confirming responses on what was already obvious.

My favourite thing about my relationship with my husband, is all the conversing we do. We sit up for hours at night debating. We drink tea and chat, we dialogue non-stop while driving, or go for a walk to merely converse. We find questions in books or online simply to prompt in-depth conversation. We take turns asking revealing enquiries and often provoke stories that dig up our past. Despite our stand on a topic, we share, converse, and freely express our views.

It’s both fun and extremely healthy. It’s alluring, captivating, and always brings us closer. I love hearing his ideas or beliefs on a subject. I adore his thinking and get fascinated by his perspective on something I thought I knew everything about. This back and forth foray in discussing things, prompted us to take blogging to the next level, and share our perspectives by “bantering” our thoughts openly with you.

We want a blog that is not just what she said, but what he said too. Not just a girl’s opinion, but a guy’s also. Not just a loud voice saying one thing, but a second voice to counter it, or re- confirm it. We think it will be great to talk about parenting issues from both sides. Then dissect relationships from the male and female perspective. We want to talk about careers, finances, fitness, spirituality, emotions, and even sex, through the lens of both a woman, and a man, in the same blog…how cool is that?!

We invite you to be a part of our banter blog. Where we talk about anything and everything; all the modern challenges of life, along with the taboo stuff also. We suggest you become a member on our website, and that way, you too can chime in. You will be able to add your comments and opinions, state your ideas, and give some much-desired feedback. This is blogging for both sexes, with an interactive twist. Get your own partner involved, and you two can banter through your comments.

We can all learn from one another, gain wisdom, and get insight from words… while having fun and sharing a unique perspective. Let the games … 😉 you won’t want to miss it!

He said…

Here we go…

Research shows that a typical man will speak 7000 words a day, whereas a typical woman will speak 3 times that amount. Does that mean that the ladies have more to share, or that the guys need to say more? In all honesty, I think it simply means that we are all, both man and woman, social creatures and long for interaction with others. We want to be included in the things that interest us, that are taking place around us, that impact our lives, and ultimately make us better versions of ourselves.

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The idea behind the Banter Blog is to inspire and evoke conversations about everything; sports to sex, from the garage to the bedroom. Anything is far game and the only rules are to be honorable and authentic. We all have opinions and most happily ready to share them but ignorant opinions will not be tolerated as they close down the lines of communication which is the exact opposite of what we really want.

So as she said….We can all learn from one another, gain wisdom, and get insight from words… while having fun and sharing a unique perspective. Let the games … 😉 you won’t want to miss it!

P.S. I just saved 33 of my own words by reusing her words, as many times another person says it exactly right and it doesn’t need to be changed.





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