21 Days to reset your Mindset. 

(Mindset For YOUR millions)

Do you have a dream to make Millions? Not just in dollars, but in a life filled with a million thank-yous’, a million tender moments, a million laughs, hugs, adventures, experiences, and opportunities? Does your currency of success go BEYOND dollars and cents? Do you want MORE than just numbers on a bank statement?

The real question is: DO YOU WANT TO HAVE IT ALL?

I invite you to be a part of this exciting and beneficial 21-day program to Reset your Mindset for Millions. Immerse yourself in this exceptional mastermind event, where I mentor you in the EXACT steps I took to achieve my most amazing dreams, while reaching my most exciting goals. Find out how I grew a business out of my basement, and turned it into an international, million-dollar success in just four years. Hear how I made it onto the hit TV show Dragon’s Den, and landed a six-figure deal. See how I optimize my day, plan my schedule, structure my productivity and do it happily while juggling three successful businesses, a speaking career, and being a best-selling author. More importantly, discover how I grow success, and Live Xceptional, while enjoying quality time with my family, looking after my health, and honoring my personal and spiritual practices.

The answer is: YES, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

You can Reset your Mindset, to have a million happy moments, a million opportunities, AND a million dollars in the bank.  Whatever your currency of success is, you can use the strategies I provide, to enhance every area of your life. By implementing my techniques, you can immediately begin living the XCEPTIONAL life you desire. You can move from where you are, to where you want to be. You can go from just trying, to absolutely succeeding. These 21 days, will teach you how to have all the things you dream of both professionally and personally, with no limitations. Everything you aspire for is available to you, right now

The bigger question is: ARE YOU READY TO GO AFTER IT?

Are you ready to have EVERYTHING you have always wanted; enjoyably, effectively and mindfully? Are you determined to live a better life and expand your possibilities? This 21-day program will give you the mindset shifts you need to catapult you higher than ever before, while bringing you the success and happiness you have always wanted.

Your xceptional



Each weekday morning, JB will appear LIVE to share her SUCCESS strategies for the day.  That 30-minute call will be the launch-pad for you to gain maximum optimization, and achieve amazing outcomes. It will inspire, inform, and ignite the passion in you to go after what it is you TRULY want.  Come ready for action, because JB’s infectious spirit and high-energy will insist you stop playing small, and go full out.


There will be a Q & A hour on Fridays to ask questions, share ideas, and celebrate successes. Bring your tough concerns and current issues to get one-on-one support directly from JB. She will share her years of expertise on how to overcome stumbling blocks, eliminate procrastination, reduce fear, and minimize risk so you can absolutely HAVE IT ALL. Those Fridays will also include serendipitous support from other master-miners as we talk about any accomplishments or personal wins throughout the week. 


Support structures have proven to increase results by a massive 86%. Be a part of the private LIVE XCEPTIONAL - MINDSET TO MILLIONS Facebook group of curated individuals with the same MINDSET for success as you. Have direct connection with a community of people determined and destine to have an exceptional life.


Each of those weekdays will have a coinciding MINDSET MAP, designed to help you outline your goals, while planning tangible next steps. It will also look at your major inhibitors; or what’s holding you back, while defining mindset shifts to reach enjoyable, productive results.


On Saturday, you will receive a private and personal email from JB, sharing something special and unique to do over the weekend. This will be for you, your well-being, happiness and personal growth. It will honor your family time, relationship needs, and even look at how you can enhance your desires and turn-up your passion.  Your weekend is meant to be enjoyed, and EXCEPTIONAL with the things you love, and JB gives you fun, creative ways to do just that.


Support structures have proven to increase results by a massive 86%. Be a part of the private LIVE XCEPTIONAL- MINDSET TO MILLIONS Facebook group of curated individuals with the same MINDSET for success as you. Have direct connection with a community of people determined and destine to have an exceptional life.

This is the perfect place to take your exceptional to the next level. These 21 days will be the easiest and best investment you will ever make in a 21-day program.


Start 2019 off in a success mindset. Begin the new year with a new practice, new commitment, and new devotion to you. This is your year. This is your time, and your success is just waiting to happen. RESET your MINDSET as January takes off.  Set the tone for a year of greatness, success, enjoyment, and all the things you dream of. Put aside resolutions and get excited about absolutions. You absolutely deserve an EXCEPTIONAL LIFE and your commitment to this course will help you achieve that. You can reset your mindset and have YOUR millions

Many of us have been conditioned to believe having it all is impossible. We have been told we don’t deserve amazing things, and if we do, we are considered greedy or materialistic. Others have been taught aspiring for too much is lofty, and that having big dreams is a fickle waste of time.

You can listen to those negative naysayers, or listen to your own internal voice. Somewhere inside of you is the desire for more. More happiness, more fun, more love, and yes, MORE money. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, you absolutely deserve more of EVERYTHING. You CAN have it all, and ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. That is the core of what I teach and excited to show you.


It wasn’t that long ago when I was overweight, unhappy and struggling financially. I was stuck in a mindset where I had to scrimp, save and do it all alone. I had bought into many limiting beliefs about being a penny-pinching single parent, having failed from a bankruptcy, and exiting an abusive relationship.  I let my internal fears take over and sabotage any success.  I lived in what I call “overwhelm in underwhelm.” I was overwhelmed with all the things that were not working, and that left me disappointed and underwhelmed with the results I was trying to create.


Getting started

Mindset Shift in Gear

A very important MINDSET shift had to evolve to get me to where I am today. I had to move out of fear and disappointment and into purpose and perseverance. I needed to stop spinning my wheels by doing “things”, and instead, elevate my thinking into whom I wanted to become. My self -worth and value system needed to improve, and I had to shift my thinking from fear to focus. Everything I gave attention to, happened, and that meant I needed to focus on what I wanted, not what I did not. My Mindset was the true key to my success.

Making effort

Choosing Outcomes

You may be at the same place I was, where you are doing lots of stuff, but not getting any traction. You may be taking all the steps necessary, but it still feels like you are sliding downhill. Often, we make a lot of EFFORT, yet see little results. Our MINDSET is in some way working against us. We seem to be doing the right things, but the outcome is not what we want. Deep inside we have a different story going on than the one we desire. Our beliefs are working far harder at holding us back, then our hard work is at moving us forward.

Over the next 21 days we will look at the reasons why you desire what you do, AND the reasons why you don’t have it. We will get clear about what it is you REALLY want, and what REALLY matters in your life. We will MAP your success paradigm, and then define what success means to you. We will uncover what’s holding you back and what’s driving you forward. Shifting these thoughts, and finding clarity will become the cornerstone of your MINDSET towards MILLIONS.


21 Days to reset your Mindset. 


  • Establish a success environment 

  • Define what success means to you.

  • Determine what you REALLY want.

  • Outline your Exceptional dream.

  • Find your currency of success.

  • Establish who you want to be.

  • Create structures for success.

  • Begin habits for success.

  • Find your reason why.

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you.

  • Define your limiting beliefs.

  • See whose story you are following.

  • Overcome your story.

  • Set goals.

  • Create markers.

  • Define tangibles.

  • Outline the BIG vision.

  • Create new definitions of success.

  • Set the tone for success.

  • Get focused.

  • Create a timeline.

  • Map out the steps.

  • Create habits exceptional  

  • See the good in everything.

  • Believe it is possible.

  • Trust the process.

Jen Fitzpatrick

Having the opportunity to work with Superwoman Jb Owen has been out of this world! Her attention to detail, creativity and ability to see the 'whole' picture has propelled our company forward. Not only is she compassionate and on a mission to bring positive change to the world, she lifts others up along side her to relish in her own success, inspiring us to launch our own projects on a global scale. If it weren't for Jb, our company would not be where it is today and the vision that we started with wouldn't be as grand and as empowering as it is. Thank you to Jb for everything! xo

Tammy Vallieres

We can't say enough about JB's talent and even more about her genuine beautiful personality, she's a bright light. Her work impressed everyone on our team beyond our wildest dreams. Designing is definitely her Genius and Super Powers! She is creative, imaginative and very personable, a wonderful person and humanitarian. Like a chameleon, was able to adjust her style to our many requests with ease and grace. She knows how to read her clients and how to let her creative energy come through equal to none. We highly recommend her!

Ali Villani

JB is exception to work with!

She is super business savvy and always delivers on time.

She goes above and beyond to understand your project and she invests her undivided attention on you.

I have worked with JB now for 2 years, and produced 2 products from scratch with her, which I am very happy with.Just about to embark on the third.

JB comes highly recommended, so knows her stuff and she knows how to make it happen

Thank you JB for being a huge supporter of mine, and also helping me bring my products to life.

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