Discover each other at Mago 

December 28, 2018- Jan1, 2019


Join Peter and JB for 5 amazing days in Sedona, Arizona for an exploration into love, intimacy and relationship building. Immerse yourself in the deepest forms of connection and communication in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Allow the powerful vortex’s and energy-building environment to enhance, and unlock more between you, and the one you love.

This loving, life-changing retreat is designed to:


  • Heighten your energetic connection

  • Build new communication opportunities

  • Enhance your understanding of one another

  • Share your deeper values and core beliefs.

  • Open your tantric energies

  • Establish your relationship DNA

  • Create healthy and necessary playtime.

  • Uncover what is still holding you back.

  • Go further into love than ever before.

The Beauty of The Sedona Mago Retreat Center


Apply Now.

To have the highest level of participants, exercising the deepest level of growth and connection possible, we will diligently curate each application so to be sure that it is a synergic group and a safe space for all.



About US

It wasn't love at first sight, boy chases the girl, or friends setting them up. There was no online dating, no electronics involved, no algorithms to say they were was old fashion boy meets girl, and each allowed love to take it's time, to find it's way. 



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