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This book is designed to motivate and encourage others. Your participation will provide a catalyst for change in other women’s lives. Imagine how your story will help others in their journey, if they knew what you have learned.


Since I have designed, printed and published other people’s books. Many that have become best sellers. I felt it was time to use those skills to create an outstanding book with the women who inspire me.


Your commitment would be a 2500 word story due by March 1. Rusti Lehay will be helping with all the edits and making sure you enjoy crafting your story to exactly your liking.


Production will take place throughout April so you have your books by Mother’s Day in May. Your cost to be in the book AND 50 copies is $800.00CAD ( $600.00USD). This includes our final editing and 50 books. Shipping to wherever you are in the world will be extra using my 40% discount with UPS, DHL or FedEx. Additional books will be available at a cost of 6.00 per book plus shipping. Books can be sent to individuals from my fulfillment center if you desire this service for an additional cost of 1.57 per book plus shipping.


I know this cost is well below the 3000.00- 5000.00 other people are charging and I did this because as you know I recently asked for funding from a perfect stranger. It got me thinking as to why would they invest in me? It also had me wishing I had the money to invest in many of my amazing friends. During meditation, God told me that money is not the only way to give to your friends. Instead use your talent to uplift, support, and propel them to obtain their dreams.


Designing is one of my gifts. Manufacturing in China is one of my talents. Publishing is something I can do. It is my way of giving back and empowering my friends. I know many of them desire to be published, while being heard, seen and recognized for their amazing talents. I felt it was time I helped you do just that.


Having a book is a great career decision. It is something you can use to spread your message and spotlight your business. It can catapult your speaking career and supplement your seminars. Selling your 50 copies will pay for and yield a profit over your investment. I did this on purpose so that the decision to say “ YES” was easy.


Once you make your payment, you will be sent a link to create a password and enter our exclusive Member's Site. Here you will find all the information you need during your journey of participating in this book. Tips on writing, outlines, marketing, PR and other support will be found here. Story prompts, do’s and don’ts, how to add impact and flare will be here to help you. How to submit photo outlines and all the major deadlines will be listed.


We will perform Bi-weekly zoom calls to keep authors informed and meeting one another. Overall this is a fun and effective way to grow your brand and meet some of the most incredible women I know.  


THE BEST PART OF THIS IS: all the proceeds from any books sold through other sales channels will go to the many charities I work closely with. This book is to help women, so any profits made will do just that; help women in need.   





Thank you for your payment. I am looking forward to getting started. 

Upon payment, you will receive a link to the Member's Page.

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