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Wanting a beautiful family is something many people desire; connections intermingled with love, support, acceptance and adoration from our parents, our children, our siblings and our other close relations. Family is a powerful word, representing the many people who are connected to you by blood, not by choice. They can be a diverse range of relationships, from those you absolutely love and can not live without, to those who trigger you to the very core, and you wish you could see less of. The diverse emotions family members can evoke live on both ends of the spectrum; some can be painful, others can be amazing. Each though undoubtedly affects and inspires you in both positive and negative ways.


Live Exceptional knows the challenges families can create, and we want to celebrate the ones that are working for you, while also celebrating the ones that are not. Each relationship you experience, be it great or not so great, offers a wonderful window into the beauty and complexity of who You really are. They are a reflection, with a unique viewpoint, and their primary purpose is designed to enhance, empower, and inspire you.


We are excited for you to explore your relationships deeper with your family through our blogs, posts, tips, quips and reflections on how you can LX your Family, your way. Enjoy everything we offer to improve and up level your family relationships. Intermingle with others in this community, and get excited and invested in creating the family lifestyle you have always desired.

About US

It wasn't love at first sight, boy chases the girl, or friends setting them up. There was no online dating, no electronics involved, no algorithms to say they were compatible...it was old fashion boy meets girl, and each allowed love to take it's time, to find it's way. 



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