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In the dictionary, Divine means:  very pleasing, delightful, lovely, beautiful, charming, engaging, winsome and sublime. It is a word indicative of women, multi-faceted, and unique, striking and yet comforting. It beholds an inner beauty, a longevity and diverse characteristics that are both alluring and engaging.


Being all of this is not easy in a world of microscopic perfection, instant exposure and radical perfectionism. Womanhood and feminism are often crisscrossed and bitterly judged. It can be hard, lonely and confusing as to what matters most, truly matters or matters at all.


LX Divine is about the real you, and the true you. It is for women wanting the balance that comes from being a girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, and daughter. It is all the roles and all the responsibilities, void of the hardships, confines, and concerns that only matter on a magazine cover.


It is about you living your life, your way and absolutely loving it.

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Empowerblogs by JB

From time to time, we all need a little push, a glimpse at something new, or a kick in the butt to get us moving. As women, we see things uniquely, and we connect with one another on a deeper level. We use our hearts. We let our emotions guide us. We desire a lot and we give even more.

This blog is here to be your friend when you need one. To make you laugh, have you cry, and help you up when you are feeling down. It an inspiring look at life. It’s meant to empower and encourage. You will find little antidotes, big ideas, and the silliness of life we sometimes overlook. They are my words, meant for you; to lift raise your spirit and feed your soul. All women can relate to that. The divine woman in each of us knows these words and feels them deeply.​


My hope is that you enjoy them immensely, and they inspire you to go out and be the incredible you, that you are; no excuses, no apologies. Bask in who you are and love it.  ​

It is about you living your life, your way and absolutely loving it.

About US

It wasn't love at first sight, boy chases the girl, or friends setting them up. There was no online dating, no electronics involved, no algorithms to say they were compatible...it was old fashion boy meets girl, and each allowed love to take it's time, to find it's way. 



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