JB Owen

An Exceptional Lifestyle Designer

An Inspiring Visionary

vi·sion·ar·y: a person with original ideas about what the future could or will be.

Dynamic Motivator

mo·tive·va·tor: to give incentive to, create change and movement.

Outgoing Entrepreneur

en·tre·pre·neur: operates a business, taking on greater than normal risks.

National Speaker 

speak·er: a person who speaks formally before an audience.

Published Author 

au·thor: the composer of a literary work.


de·sign·er: a person who plans the look, of something before its being made. 


moth·er:a woman in relation to children to whom she has given birth.


yo·gini: a woman dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment.

Live your Extraordinary Life

Throughout our lives we come to points where change is eminent, either we are ready for it, or life makes us ready. Both processes create opportunity for something greater to manifest, ultimately bringing us closer to the core of who we are.  Many times, we are ready, but feel overwhelmed, nervous and unsure of the “right” next step. Other times, we are energized, enthusiastic and motivated, but need guidance to define what the “right” next step is.

Who is JB?

Passionate about inspiring women to believe in their dreams and become the fullest expression of themselves, JB Owen considers herself an Extraordinary Lifestyle Designer, her most rewarding work, as she helps women transition from doing what they have to, to doing what they love. She is best known for her success as an Innovative megapreneur; derived from building businesses, designing products, and creating brands. Yet her deepest enjoyment comes from supporting women is manifesting the lives they have always wanted and the happiness they deserve.


JB constantly pushes the boundaries of her work and has an unwavering passion to challenge and inspire other women to do the same. She is motivated by the opportunity to assist other women to break through their limiting beliefs and experience their own business prowess and personal triumphs.


Her dynamic personality and contagious enthusiasm are compelling both on stage and in print. She is an inspiring and prolific speaker addressing issues of the modern woman. JB works across the globe, providing personal and business mentorship to enable them to reach their potential and become extraordinary in their own life. Known to the world as a national speaker, published author, risk-taker and revolutionary entrepreneur, JB has pulled through adversity and overcome hardship to find herself living the life of her dreams.


JB’s tenacious journey has pushed her to speak boldly to women facing burnout, low self-worth, unhappiness, confusion, health issue, and even domestic abuse. Her inspiring 21 days of action-filled “lifestyle steps” move and propel people forward in all areas of their lives. Her gift of inspiring others is easily seen as she coaches individuals or speaks from the stage about Finding You™, your health, happiness, success and dreams by living your own uniquely, extraordinary life.


Her dedication to women is the vision behind the global inspiration of Lotusté, a movement designed to encourage women to honor and respect one another by supporting each other in their own success. Through this vision, she has designed a the most comfortable, fashionable, washable feminine product on the planet, called Lotus Liners. Lotus Liners change the way women feel out their periods by improving their health, and reducing the chemical absorption into the body. They last three to five years, reducing waste in landfills and saving the environment. Through Lotus Liners, JB aims to reduce 50% of the waste in landfills by feminine products, in the next 10 years.


JB shows unwavering dedication while being a single mom of two amazing children 13 & 10. Living her passion, JB and her family recently completed a 11-month tour of nine countries doing charity work and sharing the children’s message of JUST GIVE TODAY, a movement started by her children to teach others that we can all give hugs, smiles and joy.


She truly is the example of how anyone can overcome the things that have held them back and move confidently in the direction of a better life. Extraordinary is available to everyone JB believes, and she has made it mission to help everyone she can to achieve it.

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