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It wasn't love at first sight, boy chases the girl, or friends setting them up. There was no online dating, no electronics involved, no algorithms to say they were compatible...it was old fashion boy meets girl, and each allowed love to take it's time, to find it's way. 


Peter and JB have a unique love story in these modern times of dating apps and quick hook-ups. They each had divorces under their belt, they each were single parenting, and they each were bearing the plight of loneliness for far too many years; afraid love would never be theirs again. 


They took their time, they held their own, and like many of us, they bought into a few of their fears before they finally opened up. It took months of building trust and connection. They allowed love to bloom, and when it did, they went full out; promising to be all in unconditionally.


Theirs is a story of believing, trusting and listening to your inner knowing. It is about feeling with the heart over thinking with the logic of the head. It is about being true to themselves while being 100% true to the other. It wasn' the easiest road, but it has been the most fulfilling. That is why Peter & JB are committed to sharing their story and the love that they have found, so others can do the same.  True love always finds its way despite the conditions. They believe through their example and support, love will find its way to you also.


Love full out, play full out- they both go hand in hand.

Peter & JB's story through the eyes of JB



Last year I was traveling through Europe with my 2 kids doing world schooling.



I had booked an apartment in Barcelona to attend the radical new idea of Mindvalley University, Barcelona. Before I arrived in Barcelona my Airbnb had a pipe burst and my host called to say it would not be repaired in time. I went to the MVU Facebook page to find a Roommate and at the top of the feed was a guy traveling with his 2 kids offering to share his 6 bedroom place.


I immediately texted and within a few days it was settled we would roommate for the month of MVU. Yeah... Thank goodness, little did I know it was all part of God’s amazing master plan.


I joked around with my friends that I had a new boyfriend that I had never met and we’d be living together in Spain for a month. I was a single mom, for over 3 years, and practicing celibacy so it was funny to my friends I would be living with a complete stranger and a single dad at that.


Peter and I met at 2 am in the morning with me just flying in from Ibiza. I was a whirlwind with my 2 kids, 4 suitcases, a loud laugh and shopping bags. It wasn’t love at first sight with us all dragging suitcases up 4 flights of stairs and my wrinkled nose at the apartment’s lack of amenities, but the 6 of us settled in, determined to get the most out of MVU and our kids becoming friends.


Peter and I cohabited beautiful with no flirting, no romance, no undercurrent preventing us from being our authentic selves. Looking back I realize we got to know one another through the cooking, cleaning, and feeding the kids. We shared the job of parenting and gave each other the gift of interest in the other, but letting them be themselves and have their space. It was beautiful actually to avoid neediness, expectations, rushing a romance into a month. None of that happened. We just became great friends.


When I look back at it, it truly was the best way to be. Peter saw the real me, no makeup, morning hair, and walking around in my house slippers. He got to witness me arguing with my kids, being on my period, forgetting my things, and making alkagizers at 6 am in the morning. It was the real me, without all the airs and pretenses that show up when you are trying to impress someone because you want them to like you.


After MVU we decided to go to Rome as a group and show the kids the Beauty of Italy. We had a magical time as a mini family... still no romance, just enjoying our days together and living life as 6 very amazing people; learning, growing and laughing.


We parted in Rome as I continued to Greece for the summer and Peter returned to New Jersey in the US. We texted almost everyday. The kids were constantly FaceTiming. I would watch the clock to see when it was morning in New York so I could text Peter. If something cool would happen, I couldn’t wait to tell Peter... my kids were swimming in the ocean, my daughter lost a tooth... I’d send Peter the pictures. if my business was booming, or challenging; I was bouncing it off Peter.


When I returned home to Canada in August I had been traveling for almost a year. There was so much to do with unpacking my house and getting back into life. I shared with Peter my overwhelm and tiredness of returning. My kids had gone to spend a month with their dad and Peter’s kids were with their mom. He gallantly offered to come to Canada and help me unpack boxes. Without even thinking I squealed “Yes!”


When Peter arrived it was bliss. I was a bit nervous about him seeing my real life, my personal things, meeting my family. I had kept all men at a distance for so many years and even though we lived together in Barcelona, coming into my home felt different.

After 7 weeks of being together every day, this was the first time the two of us were ever alone.


Cupid hit one night after Peter fell asleep on the couch and I walked him to bed in the guest room. I tucked him under the covers and watched him go back to sleep asking myself could I love this man? Could I let go of being the iron-faced single mom? Was I ready to feel again? What was stopping me from letting him love me? Why was I keeping him at arm's length?


Without thinking about it so I didn’t talk myself out of it, I crawled onto the bed, on top of the covers and hugged him from behind. He tried to turn and face me, but I wouldn’t let him. I started to cry. Burying my face in his back I cried the tears of pain and sadness I had been holding onto for so many years, for the super mom who had been doing it all alone, for the woman who had pushed away all forms of affection, and for the steel heart that was so tired of having to be strong but alone.


Peter, of course, was amazing, just letting me move through it and holding me tight. It was the beginning of a love made in heaven, an unbelievable trust, and a knowingness that this man loved me with all my curves and edges. With all my highs and lows. He could see the real me, the true JB and despite my old programming, he didn’t want to look away.


Peter had to fly home earlier than planned. His aunt passed away, and within 24 hours of me opening my heart, he was gone. I was a bit shocked that the Universe would do this to me. After being closed off for so many years, I had finally embraced love again, and within a day, it was gone. It felt tragic at first and yet became a beautiful lesson. I was reminded I am complete just as I am. I am happy, life is good, my kids are amazing and a man does not define me. I define myself.


A few days later Peter called to say he’d been thinking about us and the best thing was that we just stay friends. We were 3000 miles apart and long- distance never works. He’d rather just be friends then hurt each other trying to do long distance....and the kids would be hurt if it didn’t work out. I paused for a moment and respected all of Peter’s logic but believed none of it. God had already brought us together twice, why would he stop supporting our potential now?


I told Peter he should rethink his decision and ask himself why he would settle for just a friendship when he could have so much more? Why just take a crumb when you can have the whole cake? Why would you believe that the Universe would not move mountains to make sure we were together. I told him to trust that the Masters were already on it and if we wanted to be together, they would do everything possible to make that happen.


It took him two days to call me back and say he’d do whatever it took to be together. He realized his fears and apprehension were based on old ideas and bad advice. He embraced his feelings and realized that if he wanted it to work, then making it work would be his mission.


In cheeky JB fashion, I said, “If you really want to make this work, come to live with me”. Within a week, Peter and his two kids, packed up his house and moved to Canada to have his children in school for Sep.1. Everything imaginable shifted within a week to allow him to relocate to Canada; his work, the kid's school, his ex-wife... it all just happened easily as if everyone knew it was meant to be.


I share our story because it is riddled with limiting beliefs, unrealistic fears, masks and the pretenses that we all have. It is the plight of being human to hide ourselves, question ourselves, push away our dreams and desires. Yet, our story also shows that in the throngs of human conditioning we kept grabbing for the lifeline of true happiness, moving towards something better, foraging through the habits and old ideals because we know behind the pain of our past, is the bliss of a magnificent future. We pushed past all that was uncomfortable so we could arrive at what we truly wanted; to be loved


The last year of my life has been total bliss. Our commitment to each other and our children has been tremendous. It has been beautiful to watch each of us heal, grow and love again as individuals and as a family. The childern's hearts needed healing. They needed to see their parents happy for their own happiness to blossom.


It is my honor to share our love story with you so that you realize that you too can have the life that you dream of. That love trumps logic. That impossible IS possible if you decide and commit to exactly what you desire. Anything can happen because love is meant to be in all of our lives. 



About US

It wasn't love at first sight, boy chases the girl, or friends setting them up. There was no online dating, no electronics involved, no algorithms to say they were compatible...it was old fashion boy meets girl, and each allowed love to take it's time, to find it's way. 



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